Connecting travel partners

Blue Sand Travel Solutions is your dedicated  B2B partner, connecting worldwide destination management companies and hotels to top tour operators and travel distributors.

Why do you need a dedicated B2B travel expert? The answer with 4 simple questions:

1. How do I access a specific market?

Whether you’re managing a hotel in the Philippines, or running a DMC in Brazil, finding the right crack into a domestic market can be quite a struggle.

2. Are my products being offered to the right business partner?

Once you’re in there, figuring out which tour operator to address can be even more of a challenge.

3. Is my business partner employing the adequate marketing solutions?

Having found the right partner, it’s not just about promoting a holiday, it’s also about reaching out to the right clients, at the right time.

4. Is it financially worthwhile?

However keen you are at selling to a specific market, you want to ensure that you are making the profit that meets your needs.